TBR challenge suspended

So I haven't continued with my TBR challenge for sometime.  I finished the Fever series and liked it well enough but no where near what I expected.  I gave up one Percy Jackson, its just not my thing.  I have done a great deal of reading since and am currently rereading Nalini Singh's  Psy-Changling books in order to get ready for Heart of Obsidian. I have always loved this series but  have come to realize that while I have read some books in this series  countless times others I have  only read once.  I have just finished Hostage to Pleasure and I truly think this was a book I only read once.  I know I must have enjoyed this book the first time but I think this time around I enjoyed Dorian and Ashaya's  story so much more.  You could say that I have suspended the TBR challange for quite a while and I will contunie to suspend it has I reread Mercy and Riley's book

Social Anxiety and the Holidays

So this year at our family Thanksgiving there will be two new faces at the table.  Neither people I know well, in fact one I barely met a couple of years ago and the other I have seen 3 times and have only exchanged maybe a sentence (at the most) with.  Its Thanksgiving though and it is a time to be welcoming and caring to others.  To celebrate with those who are far from home or not close to their family.
Okay so those last two of sentences were a bunch of bull.  Do not get me wrong I know that sentiment expressed is true of the holiday  but as a long term Social Anxiety sufferer that is not how I feel.  There is also a good chance of drama this year.  I know that is normal of many peoples Thanksgiving but ours is usually low key.  I have this mad desire to always nip drama in the bud  before it occurs
So I basically will be putting on a face and feeling awkward because of the strangers plus I will be watching out for drama.  If this is what a normal Thanksgiving makes others   feel like I prefer abnormal any day of the week.

It doesn't always pay to be a cheapskate

So I finished the second fever book last Sunday (I think) and decided to buy Faefever the 3rd book used online for S3.99 (that included shipping).  That is four bucks less then the kindle eBook price plus I thought that it would be good because I would get it by the weekend when I could stay up late reading and sleep in.  Of course it didn't work out the way I planned it.  The book did not arrive by this weekend and turns out it might not arrive until the end of November. I actually had a major disappointment Friday when a large box arrived only to contain a large sample of dish detergent wrapped in a ton of bubble-wrap.  I mean who want to open a box expecting to find Jericho Barrons inside and instead getting a reminder of household chores.


I am so happy the election is over.  I love the voting process but I hate the draining emotions that seem to overwhelm the country during the election season.  Wouldn't it be great if there were no campaign ads on TV, radio, or internet during the political season.  Or no junk mail during this time either.  I don't think any of it sways a person to vote for a candidate anyway.  All it does is add to the negativity that more more permeates the whole process.

The TBR ChallangeChallange

When I picked the Percy Jackson book for my second book in my personal TBR challenge  I didn't expect it to be quite so challenging to start.  I am only 20 something pages in and am having a difficult time getting interested.  I will prevail because I really do not want to quit my challenge after only the second book.
One thing that has not helped is, DarkFever, the first book I read in my challenge.  It was the first in a series and I am now onto Bloodfever (book 2) and loving it.  I want to stay in the Fever series until I am done with all the books.  I actually wish I was a faster reader so that I could find out things quicker.
So of course why would I take a break from a book I am loving to read just to read a book  that I find dull.  Maybe once I completely finish the Fever series I can again focus on Percy Jackson and the TBR challenge.

New TBR challange book

So I have finally picked my next TBR challenge book. Its the first Percy Jackson book and I have no desire to read it.  Many years ago when my nephew was a teen he pushed me to read Harry Potter (which I will be forever grateful) and a few years back he mentioned the Percy Jackson series.  I bought the book some time ago but have never really had a desire to read it. My nephew, who is now an adult, is coming to visit and I decided to start reading it for him.  I got through the first 10 pages and it wasn't easy since this book just doesn't interest me at all but I will push through because he still mentions this book when  we talk. 

Finished Darkfever

So I finished the first book that I picked for my TBR challenge.  I really enjoyed Darkfever, Barron is intriguing and most of all I really like Mac as a heroine.  She has a since of who she is even though others don't approve. I was a little saddened that Mac and Alina were adopted because mystery parentage is as common as bad parents in urban fantasy.  At the same time I am eager to find out the truth of the Bio parents.
I can't wait to read Bloodfever but it will not be the next book on my TBR list challenge because the only thing stopping me from reading it is my pay day.  Besides right now I want my TBR challenge to be about books I already own and know I should read.

Mac, her appearance, and french fries

Well I have gotten to the part were Mac goes to a party with Barron after she has died her hair.  While I don't usually connect easily to characters that are physically described as Barbie-ish I felt bad when Mac had to dye her hair and change her way of dressing.  Mac's normal  appearance and dress fit the way she saw herself and I disliked that Barron ridiculed that.   I know that for safeties sake she has to alter her look but I hope that later in the book or series she gets to feel at home in her on skin again.
How awful  would it to have experience, like the one Mac had, that would turn you off french fries forever.  I do not have them often but I would hate to be turned off French Fries forever.
Now I am going to spend a lazy Sunday back in the DarkFever world.

First chapter of Darkfever is out of the way

I got more then ten pages read in my first TBR challenge book Darkfever, I read the first chapter.  So far I am a mildly interested in the story and look forward to seeing what happens when Mac reaches Dublin. I am not so interested that I couldn't stop right now but will continue because I do want to finish this book.  I  like the fact that Mac is so different from other heroines I have read in Urban fantasy.  Before her sisters death she had a pretty happy life.   Also her parents are alive and unevil which is so not the norm in urban fantasy.